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FASHION: CHROMAT Will Make You Read Between The Lines


Who knew getting caged in was the best way to stand out?

CHROMAT is a brand that is clearly not for the faint of heart. The marriage of Victorian-era boning and avant-garde patterns are a combo that reminds me of The Fifth Element. LeeLoo would rock these in an End-of-the-World minute. (with or without Korben Dallas!)

Creator Becca McCharen uses her architectural background to draw up some sleek futuristic styles that have been worn on tour by Nicki Minaj, Madonna, and Queen Bey, just to name a few.

thedashempire-nickiminajfemmefataletour Style-Breakdown-Nicki-Minajs-Powerhouse-Outfit Chromat_Madonna_500 medium 7426acb8c8433e65ebd222261f5a46c6 30349_10151571557843955_448151722_n-600x400 BeyonceDancersImage

For her Mathletes collection, you can see the influence of all things sports-related, but I also get a big dose of “rocker-grunge girl lead vocalist that lives in New York and Tokyo” vibe permeating through those straps. (or maybe that’s just me?)




288ef6253afba5c2bd72715922c7f46c Chromat-SS14-SPORT-Lookbook_Page_061 83b8743eec92eac4826a096e96180c83


If you’re looking for some bold and edgy looks that you just KNOW you aren’t going to see on everyone else? All lines lead to CHROMAT.



Want to look good while DOING good? H&M’s Conscious Collection covers all bases!

It’s commitment to utilizing organic materials and making less of an environmental impact is great…but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be running around in a potato sack! Think you have to choose between going green and being gorgeous? I don’t think so!

hm_con_3 hm_con_4 hm_con_7 hm_con_6 hm_con_2 hm_con_5 hm_con_8hm_con_9

Has a certain desert rose/exotic vacay feel, doesn’t it? Well the weather is certainly warming up, so make sure you snatch up these pieces before they’re gone! (P.S. the orange dress is already sold out online!)

There is also a higher-end collection called Conscious Exclusive, where the spotlight is on more handcrafted designs and organic leather with ornate embellishments. These pieces are in certain stores, so let their customer service assist you in locating those hard-to-find goodies!

hm_con_10 hm_con_11 hm_con_19 hm_con_18 hm_con_16 hm_con_12 hm_con_13 hm_con_17 hm_con_15 hm_con_14hm_con_20

Check out more Conscious Style:


FASHION JUNQUI: House of Style Is Coming Back to MTV

MTV will resurrect its cult favorite fashion program House of Style, which hasn’t aired in almost a decade.

Rather than broadcasting as a full half-hour TV show as it did from 1989 to 2002, new House of Style programming will be integrated across MTV’s multiple media platforms. Highlights from the show’s past — including a video of Naomi Campbell’s acne removal methods, and another of Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze producing a guerilla fashion show — have been organized into a video archive hosted by the fashion news blog MTV Style. The blog also plans to publish three essays inspired by the show over the next few weeks.

On August 7, MTV will release a short documentary called House of Style: Music, Models and MTV. The film includes interviews with Cindy Crawford and Rebecca Romijn — both past hosts of the show — as well as Todd Oldham, Anna Sui, Coco Rocha, and vocalist Azealia Banks.

“The idea of the new House of Style is that it runs on all of our platforms,” said MTV executive Dave Sirulnick in an interview. “You’ll see it on television, on the web, on our aps. Not a lot of people are looking to consume 20-minute television shows on their phones. At least not yet.”

Nevertheless, Sirulnick is auditioning hosts for the show. MTV will announce who’s got the job on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6.

FASHION JUNQUI: Regal Shoe & Co. Camouflage Penny Loafers

regal shoe co camo loafers Regal Shoe & Co. Camouflage Penny Loafers

Japanese brand Regal releases a new camouflage Penny Loafer under their limited edition Shoe & Co. brand. The loafer comes in a dark green colorway with black outer sole and bright red lining. A release is scheduled for next month at their Shoe & Co. Tokyo store. (Via Warp)


Nasty Gal 09 540x353 Nasty Gal Spring 2012 Look Book

Caught little thang (yes I said “thang” say somethin’chump!) on Refinery29 today.  Yes darling its the Nasty Gal new lookbook! Nasty Gal rings in Spring with some pretty swagoo favorite style aspects: Nail art, spikes, denim, and the mashup  punk and bohemian themes. See more on the next page.



alife spring 2012 footwear Alife Spring 2012 Footwear
Alife presents a first look at their Spring 2012 Footwear collection. Classic casual styles return in fresh material make-ups including ripstop nylon, calf leather and suede. Cork lined footbeds on select models keep the stank foot away. Don’t be a chump! Go to try some brighter looks for spring. Now available at Alife Shops (NYCVancouverTokyo) and select Alife Retailers.

FASHION JUNQUI: Trussardi 1911 Spring/Summer 2012 Camo Bags

Trussardi 1911 has released 3 new bags all sharing the same camo print. Three different varieties of bags have just hit retailers. I’ve been looking for a camo bag for sometime now and I think this may just be a winner. The camo utilized here is a good one featuring a nice mixture of green and blue. These are now available at select retailers such as Restir.

See all three bag after the jump. (more…)


Acapulco Gold Spring 2012 Lookbook

New York brand Acapulco Gold debuts their new Spring 2012 Collection. The collections consists of solid line-up of graphic t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, caps, denim and more. Popular graphics return with a new twist and new trends are also being picked up, best seen in the floral fitted caps in the new collection. The “Ill Street Blues” T-Shirt with Nas’ face on it is my have, I love the originality. The lin also has some solid woven shirts and coach jackets are also in the collection, making it come together quite nicely.

The full line-up is now available in the Acapulco Gold online store.

Check out the full lookbook on the next page. (more…)

FASHION JUNQUI: Holst + Lee Collar With Stones Necklace

Loving Holst + Lee ’s  collars has hints of Masai jewelry. You can get your hands on some pieces at Shopbop.



The color-block look is far from new, but after seeing some color blocking attempts that would only be described as “A Hot Mess”…I started thinking, is there a correct way to color block? I struggled with how to come up with a theory to correctly do this, then I remembered in college I took an elective in Color Theory. Then, BOOM…I remembered the color wheel.  Let’s start with the basic color wheel:

I think the first idea to follow would be to try to avoid colors on the exact opposite sides of the color wheel, red and green being a classic example of this. You don’t want to go take a spring stroll looking like a Christmas tree. Complimentary color combinations like these generally have too high of a contrast value and clash heavily against each other. If you change the hue of one of the colors it can be possible to pull it off though.

The most popular theory for combining colors is called the rule of two-thirds. How you achieve the rule of two-thirds starts by making an equilateral triangle (a triangle with 3 equal sides) on the color wheel. In it’s most basic form, the points at the ends of this triangle will be touching either red-blue-yellow or orange-green-purple. From there, you pick two of the three colors that the triangle touches. These colors will almost always harmonize together beautifully.

Now that we have that done, it’s onto the heart of the matter: color blocking. Since color blocking tends to have 3 colors, my recommendation is to use 2 colors from the triangle you made earlier and combine that with a 3rd color outside of it. For example, something like red-yellow-orange or yellow-green-blue works fine, you would just need to change the hue of one of the complimentary colors so you don’t end up with the clash I spoke of above. The final and perhaps most important piece to note about color blocking is that, when you’re putting a color blocking outfit together, it’s best to leave your accessories in neutral colors. Color blocking speaks volumes as it is, pairing this look with colored accessories will throw the entire look off.

The Looks

1. Pastel. Once you’ve got your neutral and bold hues covered, it’s time to add one more (yes, one more). Pair a deep turquoise or cobalt top with a pastel, or offset bright pants with a rich jacket. For a bright purple shirt.

2. Opposites attract. There are a few things to remember when it comes to color-blocking with the right colors. Make sure you only have one neon color. While it’s totally okay to rock three bold colors, only one of them should be super bright. We like this formula: one bright, one bold, one neutral.

3. Cheat. You’ll look like a fashion genius without putting any thought into it if you simply buy a color-blocked dress. Pick one that works for your skin tone and personal style and make sure all the colors flatter, not just one or two.

FASHION JUNQUI: Mary Kantranzou Shifts Spring Summer 2012

Have you ever seen car crashes, floral valleys and fishtanks all on one dress? Well ow you can in Mary Katranzou’s Spring Summer 2012 Collection. They were just some of the points of inspirations for the new collection. These three silk shift dresses come sleeveless, cap and 3/4 length and hit right above the knee. My favorite print is the car crash print! I love al the shapes and colors! Easy, breezy and visually assaulting (assault has negative connotations, consider [stunning, engaging, arresting]) prints have a place in any woman’s wardrobe when executed in such classic/versatile shapes. All featured styles and more available now at Riccardi. Images and copy by Joseph Morrissey.

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A fun dose of nail inspiration for this Spring via the Giogo Girls Spotted on Misscrew.