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DJ4C: Facts 2 Fiction


As August roles in the DJ For A Cure team reflects on all the major support  received from everyone who has played a part in the DJ4C movement.

To all of those who attended any of the DJ4C events we appreciate your support and to those who haven’t, continue to follow us to get info on upcoming events.

Until then check this out… An estimated 1.1 million people in the US are living with, or are in remission from blood cancer!

That 1.1 million could include friends, family, neighbors, even a stranger you pass on the street, regardless you can help change this fact to fiction by donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society or even following the DJ4C movement for support.

Any kind of help is greatly appreciated by our team. So continue to follow us, check us out on twitter/instagram @djforacure or go to our website at djforacure.com!



DJ 4 A Cure: Art Show!




This Friday, July 25th,  DJ FOR A CURE is taking over the Scratch DJ Academy in NYC! DJ4C will be hosting an art show from 7pm-9pm to continue the mission of making the public aware of the seriousness of blood cancers using the arts. The event will be curated by DJ4C’s very own Quiana Parks and special guest Leighton Pope. A series of special guest DJ’s are set to spin, so this isn’t something you’d want to miss, Oh, and did I mention there will be live art? Come out and support the cause. For more info on what we do here at DJ4C check out the website djforacure.com.

Missed the DJ4C Game Night?! Here’s A Quick Recap….

Y4ShymFfCLQgBy70nDpVYh07x60qwqJeQJPalkkN42kDJ For A Cure’s second event went down last Thursday with PUMA and KRINK NYC. The event took place in No. 8’s edgy, yet cozy game room. The event was hosted by DJ KISS and featured two inspirational speeches from DJ4C’s very own Quiana Parks and cancer survivor Lindsey Lewis.

DJ Charles Browne started out the night DJing getting the crowd in the party mood and ready to kick ass at some games. DJ Austin Millz and Quiana Parks soon followed him with sets of their own. DJ Rick Kid even stopped by for a surprise visit finishing out the night with his set.

Throughout the night the Leukemia & Lymphoma society collected donations from the guests, and ended up raising $591!

It was a successful night for the DJ4C team! Thanks to everyone who came to support and to everyone who donated. Continue to follow the DJ4C movement; the next event will be going down July 14th!

Check out the photos!  Photo Cred: Tayo Ola

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DJ Spotlight: Charles Browne NYC


NYC deejay, Charles Browne is set to spin at DJ For A Cure X PUMA’s second event this Thursday, June 26 at No.8. Check out the Q&A below to get to know him!


  • How/ Why did you get involved with DJ4C?

(CB) My friend DJ Quiana Parks told me about the event DJ4C and about the cause and I told her I wanted to get involved anyway that I could help.

  • How has the organization impacted you personally? 

(CB) Personally, it brings me joy to be able to use my talents to help such an amazing cause.

  • How did you start DJing?

(CB) I started DJing when I was 12 years old with my parents old record player and a cassette deck doing little mixes for my friends and family

  • How would you describe your mixing style?

(CB) Top 40s meets world. I like to blend hits with records you may not hear normally in the clubs or on the radio

  • What is some of the music you are loving as of late? 

(CB) I’m starting to fall back in love with RnB. I really like John Legends new project. There is also an RnB singer from Harlem named Jarred Scott who has some summer-time heat

  • What are some of your favorite music artists? 

(CB) Thats a tough one because I love all styles of music, but Marvin Gaye Miles Davis and Tupac all have a song for any mood that I may be in. So those 3 guys.

  • What are some of the projects you have been working on as of late? 

(CB) Working on runway music for SS15 fashion week. I’m also opening a pop-up mens boutique  in upstate NY that is launching in Fall of 2014.

Click the link below to listen to some of Charles’ latest work, it’s dope!




Upcoming DJ 4 A Cure Event

This Thursday it’s going down at No. 8 in NYC. DJ For a Cure and PUMA are teaming up again for their second DJ4C event in the city.

An old-fashioned game night will be taking place, so if you’re competitive come out and you’ll get the chance to win some amazing prizes some of which are from KRINKnyc!

 Austin Millz will be spinning along with Charles Browne. Chef Roble and the lovely DJ KISS will be the hosting for the night so you won’t want to miss that. DJ Quiana Parks plans on auctioning off one of her oil painting as a donation for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. So come out and support the DJ4C movement this Thursday, see you there!    Image

LIFESTYLE: A Jypsy-of-All-Trades // Jeyfree Brings Her Style + Trip-Hop to BK


If you were to ask the question, “Who is Jana “Jeyfree” Freeman”, you would undoubtedly get different responses. An eclectic soul; a bright light with a nomadic spirit; a stylish bohemian with artisan creativity; a make-up artist who just so happens to create melodic sounds of a trippy nature. She is all of these descriptions and more.

jeyfree3 jeyfree4 jeyfree9 jeyfree8 jeyfree7 jeyfree6

She’s no stranger to showcasing her multi-faceted creativity. Known for her skills with a brush — faces, blank canvases, acrylic/wire finger accessories, you name it — she’s recently honed her talents into expressing herself musically. Whether she’s one of the main acts that travels to Houston, ATL or NOLA on The Freak Show Tour, or she’s appearing in local venues in one of the 5 Boroughs, she always leaves her mark. And the occasional trail of Unicorn/Mermaid glitter.





jeyfree11 jeyfree13 jeyfree16 jeyfree12 jeyfree17 jeyfree15

Go check out Jeyfree (aka Ms. Misty Moon Day) performing at Friends and Lovers on Friday, May 2nd in Brooklyn, NY!


For all things JEYFREE:



You weren’t there getting dirt in your sandals, confetti in your hair, or fanning away the massive clouds of smoke. (some even from *Le Gasp* smoke machines!) But who cares? That doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the festivities and live the boho-chic life vicariously through pictures. (Plus it’s alot cheaper…i dunno about YOU, but I need my coins!)

coachella coachella2 coachella8 coachella7 coachella6 coachella5 coachella4 coachella3 coachella14 coachella13 coachella12 coachella11 coachella10 coachella9 coachella20 coachella19 coachella18 coachella17 coachella16 coachella15 coachella26 coachella25 coachella24 coachella23 coachella22 coachella21 coachella32 coachella31 coachella30 coachella29 coachella28 coachella27 coachella38 coachella37 coachella35 coachella34 coachella33 coachella43 coachella42 coachella41 coachella40 coachella39



You think Pharrell Williams is ever going to stop winning? GQ certainly doesn’t think so —  Mr. Happy himself dons the April 2014 “Style Bible” cover in a look that can only be described as “oh, that’s sooo Pharrell!” Throughout his feature he’s seen rocking Chanel chains, pastel hues as an ode to Spring, and his newest signature: his Vivienne Westwood chapeaux.(that happens to have it’s own Twitter and Instagram!)


Check out the full cover story and the stuff that didn’t make it to the mag at GQ.COM!

MUSIC: Older People Who Look Younger Than Lorde

I’m not sure what exactly is in the water over there in Australia, but is it me or does Lorde (who’s “17 years old”) look like Mother Willow? There is absolutely the least amount of shade in this that I can offer, but I am genuinely curious to know why she looks so much older than she says she really is. Maybe its stress?
     Here is a list of Older Black Women who look younger than Lorde…
(P.S. Lorde I LOVE your music…)

FASHION: The 2014 Grammy Awards x Looks of the Night! (aka the looks I cared about)

(Psst. Can I be honest with you? I forgot about the Grammys. Seriously, I did. I was flipping through the channels, thinking about how much my soon-to-be dinner was calling my name…and just when I had given up all hope of finding something to distract me for 10 minutes before my food was ready to be consumed, I saw it: the E! Channel’s Red Carpet Special. My initial thought? Le Crap. I had to make a choice: delight in the savory food that I knew would be waiting for me, or watch 2 hours of the fashion commentary. I’m no fool…I chose both! So now with my inner greedy girl fully satisfied, I was free to partake in the numerous ensembles of the night. I can only imagine what might have happened if I didn’t eat. All I know is, it wouldn’t have been pretty!)

If there’s one thing that you can count on to keep your attention during an awards show, it’s the FASHION, dahling! The stars came dressed to the nines for the red carpet, and some were ready to shine…literally!



She looks like a haute Bond girl. P.S. I need those cheekbones.

Chrissy Teigen / Johanna Johnson


Forget The Last Dragon…this mommy-to-be has the glow!

Ciara / Emilio Pucci


Art deco lines enhance her bodacious curves in this radiant gown.

Amber Rose / Naeem Khan


I feel like dancing! This dress has Studio 54 written all over it!

Rita Ora / Lanvin


That’s some major body armor!

Taylor Swift / Gucci



Queen B really showed us what she’s made of. No, really, the dress is see-through lol.

 Beyonce / Michael Costello


you think she hit a high note with this one?

Katy Perry / Valentino


This awesome Aussie loves her Elie.

Iggy Azalea / Elie Saab


You know Paris; business in the front, party in the back.

Paris Hilton / Haus of Milani



Rocking an early Valentine’s Day look? I heart it.

Pink / Johanna Johnson


This gown has just enough visual interest without it going to hoochie-ville. Me gusta.

Colbie Caillat / Ezra Santos


This baby Braxton’s body was snatched in this Costello couture.

Tamar Braxton / Michael Costello



Rita went glam with her ring party, but unexpectedly funky with her mani!

grammy2014_ritaora9 grammy2014_ritaora


These nails are sooo Kelly. Love the black with the slight gold accents (to match her custom Badgley Mischka of course!) + peep the grammy!


Think Lady B can SERFBORT with this gleaming ring party?

Think Lady B can SERFBORT with this gleaming ring party?


remember when you had pens without the caps loose in your backpack? yep, that’s what happened here. It’s cool, Lorde. It completes your look.




King Kendrick looked too cool in this navy piece.

Kendrick Lamar / Dior Homme


…and speaking of Kendrick, here he is between two greats: Jay is rocking Tom Ford, Pharrell is in a Vivienne Westwood hat + Adidas Originals leather track jacket.

Miguel looked ultra-sleek in his all black ensemble. Shiny leather pants + boots by Saint Laurent.

Soooo…how do YOU think everyone looked?



A teaser for Beyoncé’s ‘Grown Woman’ music video has leaked. Beyoncé pays tribute to African heritage in this new visual with fashion, choreography and the music. Although, we have heard the song over and over again since May and Beyoncé even added it to her world tour set, this is the first time we have gotten a glimpse of the music video. Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles and Kelly Rowland make appearances in the video. The video is a declaration that Beyoncé can literally do it all. Be a mother, daughter, performer and friend. Watch the stunning and hip moving “Grown Woman” teaser below.

| @QuianaParks

LISTEN: Listen to Big Sean’s “Control (HOF)” ft. Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica


In the run up to his second studio album, Big Sean drops the track “Control (HOF) featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. Despite it being the Detroit rapper’s song, Lamar’s verse EASILY overshadows anything the other two MCs have to offer on the “straight-rap” track. According to Sean the NO I.D.-produced track won’t be included on Hall of Fame due to an issue with clearing the sample, but we’re glad we get to hear it regardless. Listen for yourself below and look for Big Sean’s Hall of Fame to release on August 27.