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FASHION: JUICY COUTURE finally DRIES UP (in the U.S., that is)


The brand behind one of the most iconic looks in fashion history is throwing in the bejeweled towel.

Juicy Couture has closed it’s massive opulently-constructed doors in the U.S., making that about 120 brick-and-mortar stores set to shut down by the end of this month. It’s international stores will remain open, but for how long is unclear. Word has it that Kohl’s will carry the line beginning this Fall season. Couture and Kohl’s, two words Juicy fanatics never thought they would hear, until now.

The brand’s website is still up and running, but with a few snags (or should I say a full unraveling?)…no SALE section, negative on the store locator, and there’s absolutely no mention of the now well-known deterioration of the label; if you didn’t know any better, those generic statements of “JUICY’S NEW LOOK AND NEW ARRIVALS, COMING SOON!” on the website wouldn’t have you suspect anything…until you actually click on an item.

2014-06-25 13.08.14

you can “notify me” when you stop lying.

Mysteriously, (insert sarcasm here) nothing seems to be in stock. On their Facebook page, there seems to be a divide between die hard Juicy fanatics and others who heard the latest news and are asking the question “who still buys this overpriced s*%#?” And as FB Likers question the future of their beloved brand, the standard generic statements (again!) continue to ensue:

2014-06-25 15.08.36

Just in case you missed it, they are in the process of creating an exciting new Juicy retail program. Kids, can you say AUTOMATED?

The brand is synonymous with publicly perpetrating wealth without doing much work, thanks to early reality show celebutantes that donned their namesake’s tracksuit like it was their uniform or second skin…and for a while, it seemed like it was exactly that:


The undisputed triumvirate: Queens of Juicy.

So does this mean the end of “VIVA LA JUICY” forever? Or is this — like many fashion trends — going in the corner to die, only to resurrect and reinvent itself in a few years? I wouldn’t throw away those terrycloth threads just yet; everyone’s a sucker for a little nostalgia. Speaking of…

remember J.Lo and JaRule (the throwback duo!) and the feel-good song of summer 2001? This video single-handedly made me want to wear 5 skinny gold chains at a time, find out what made her skin so incredibly dewy without looking shiny (im still trying to master that one), and of course get my hands on a pink Juicy set. Or at least a modest look-alike.




Sneakerheads who pride themselves on wearing only the most exclusive. Self-proclaimed hypebeasts who jump on the latest trend, no matter what. Someone who doesn’t necessarily follow fads, but wants to preserve a treasured moment in an unconventional way. Thanks to Adidas’ latest groundbreaking news, everyone’s wishes will be granted.

adidas_zxflux5 adidas_zxflux2 adidas_zxflux3

Starting in August, Adidas will launch their photoprint app for their popular ZX Flux sneaker on iPhone and Android. This will allow you to take your Instagram photos and express yourself to the world in an innovative way. So forget simple “colorways” as the only means of kicks customization. That sloppy burger at that out-of-state diner you loved so much that you just HAD to take a picture of? That unbelievable sunset you captured before you slipped on a hill? The priceless snapshot of you tossing your cap in the air at your graduation? Yes, even your multiple selfies can all be showcased on your feet for the REAL world to see. This might actually take care of that “they’re wearing the same exact sneakers as me” annoying fashion faux-pas. It might also make you a Sherlock Holmes… don’t be surprised if you look down at someone’s feet and discover that you finally found your Instagram stalker!

adidas_zxflux4 adidas_zxflux6

Check out the latest from ADIDAS:








…and it don’t stop.

Come Party with The First Lady of THE JUNQUI.COM!

All roads lead to Salon de Lafayette for the bday celebration of Miss funky fresh DJ QUIANA PARKS!


SNAPSHOT: Goldfinger(s).


I’ll take two, please.

LIFESTYLE: True // False?

tumblr_LOLhasturnedintoSounds accurate to me!

LIFESTYLE: The Funniest Beyonce Haircut Memes

If you have been living under a rock for the past few hours, let me tell you the breaking news: BEYONCE CUT HER HAIR!!! (insert sarcastic shock here.)


There isn’t going to be a sudden shift in the Earth’s axis, so it’s not a huge deal to me LOL. ( I think she’s just rocking a shorter wig, TBH. ) What I DID love, however, were the hilarious memes that popped up as soon as she debuted her chopped ‘do to the world of instagram.

beyonce_cutmeme15 beyonce_cutmeme13 beyonce_cutmeme12 beyonce_cutmeme11 beyonce_cutmeme14 beyonce_cutmeme10 beyonce_cutmeme9 beyonce_cutmeme8 beyonce_cutmeme6 beyonce_cutmeme2 beyonce_cutmeme5 beyonce_cutmeme4 beyonce_cutmeme7

LIFESTYLE: South N The City afterwork party!


Dubbed the only “professional AND ratchet” afterwork party, South N’The City has been supplying the masses with good ol’ fashioned southern hospitality music for over 2 years in NYC, and they are still going strong! Check out the festivities this Friday night at Studio XXI!

LIFESTYLE: Marc Jacobs launches full beauty line with Sephora!

Whatever Marc wants, Marc gets. Not only does he want his uber-trendy designs to be in your closet and on your feet, but now he wants to take over your face.


Starting on August 9, Sephora will debut the anticipated 120-piece full collection of Marc Jacobs Beauty…but this isn’t his first time at the cosmetics rodeo. His most popular fragrances — Daisy, Dot, and Lola — have consistently made their presence felt, and are regulars on the Gotta-Have-It lists in mags and social media.  His global brand power has extended far beyond his original realms of soles and stitches, and with his upcoming launch into nail lacquer, lipstick and foundation, I’d say that this is just the beginning.









LIFESTYLE: “Baby I’ma Star” Party Tonight!


If you are in the NYC area, make sure you check this out…going down at Mister H tonight is the Baby I’ma Star event, with music by DJ MOS and DJ KISS! And make sure you say heeyyyy to Mz Quiana Parks (aka Mama Junqui) while you are at it!

LIFESTYLE JUNQUI: Charles Browne & Sway present “IGNORANCE” the Party

Charles Browne & Sway present “IGNORANCE” the Party

TUES 7/10 @ ELLA


MUSIC JUNQUI: A Day In The Life With Kid Ink – Episode 10 (Bath Salts)

In honor of the “Up & Away” album release cameras followed Kid Ink for an entire week.

The visual includes Kid Ink and his team at an in-store signings in LA, Ventura & the OC as well as Album Release Parties in Los Angeles & Las Vegas. And last but not least Power 106 Powerhouse.  It’s really a dope piece that gives us a look at the creative, spinning and fast-paced world he lives in. Wheels Up…and Away!

“Up & Away” Now Available on iTunes: http://bit.ly/UpAndAwayKidInk

Footage Shot by S Dot B & Hardhead
Edited by On Point Films