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FASHION: CHROMAT Will Make You Read Between The Lines


Who knew getting caged in was the best way to stand out?

CHROMAT is a brand that is clearly not for the faint of heart. The marriage of Victorian-era boning and avant-garde patterns are a combo that reminds me of The Fifth Element. LeeLoo would rock these in an End-of-the-World minute. (with or without Korben Dallas!)

Creator Becca McCharen uses her architectural background to draw up some sleek futuristic styles that have been worn on tour by Nicki Minaj, Madonna, and Queen Bey, just to name a few.

thedashempire-nickiminajfemmefataletour Style-Breakdown-Nicki-Minajs-Powerhouse-Outfit Chromat_Madonna_500 medium 7426acb8c8433e65ebd222261f5a46c6 30349_10151571557843955_448151722_n-600x400 BeyonceDancersImage

For her Mathletes collection, you can see the influence of all things sports-related, but I also get a big dose of “rocker-grunge girl lead vocalist that lives in New York and Tokyo” vibe permeating through those straps. (or maybe that’s just me?)




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If you’re looking for some bold and edgy looks that you just KNOW you aren’t going to see on everyone else? All lines lead to CHROMAT.




You better start saving your moolah NOW… Alexander Wang is H&M’s next designer collab!

(*dramatic pause for screams* !!!fdkmsdcoasmclkas!!!! Whew. Ok, now back to business…)

On “H&M Life” on the retailer’s website, Wang spoke about what this future partnership meant to him:

“I am honored to be a part of H&M’s designer collaborations. The work with their team is an exciting, fun process. They are very open to push boundaries and to set a platform for creativity. This will be a great way for a wider audience to experience elements of the Alexander Wang brand and lifestyle.” 

The previously confidential news was finally revealed during a crazy party at Coachella. The scoop is, both H&M and Wang sent out separate invites to the unbeknownst guests. When the smoke cleared, the cat was out the bag (along with a ton of confetti!) and the night was christened thanks to the haute Aussie Iggy Azalea and Major Lazer! Check out the visual evidence of the celebratory night, and be on the lookout for more info on this highly anticipated collection (for the ladies AND the fellas!) that’s set to drop November 6th!


This is going to be TRES-CRAY! I can’t wait to get my kitty-paws on it!

FASHION: Famous Gems “LA” Collection

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New York clothing label Famous Gems is steady increasing their presence with every clothing drop, this time around they release their official “LA” baseball jerseys, hats, bomber jackets, and ski-masks. The jerseys come in black & white and blue & white, you can pick some new “LA” gear at their online shop.

FASHION: Sneak peek from Rue107!

Sassy. Bold. Energetic. The aesthetic of Rue 107 is clearly visible, from the vibrant hues to the kaleidoscope of prints that are on full display in each design.  With their summer clearance underway, along with a new collection debuting on August 16th, Rue107 has recently released a few sneak peak pics from their upcoming lookbook:







FASHION JUNQUI: Kreemo Fall 2012 Collection

The long-awaited moment is finally here. After stirring up conversations across the world, Kreemo, a brand born in New York City and currently based in Atlanta, is revealing its fall 2012 collection. Using less designs with a variety of pieces, this collection was designed to show Kreemo’s versatility. For the first time ever, the Kreemo ghost design is available on the black baseball raglan shirt. The collection also features the classic Kreemo Text in an assortment of colors on both pullovers and crewnecks.  Several variations of the ATL swirl design are also available upon release. Wait no longer… you will be able to purchase all the items mentioned and many more at Kreemo.com.

Check out the rest f the collection on the flip….



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Fresh as always, Paris brand POYZ & PIRLZ drops their brand new F/W 2012 collection. The collection consists of sleek unisex wear, everything from coach jackets, snap backs, hoodies, and a couple of 80′s pop culture inspired shirts. POYZ & PIRLZ never disappoints when it comes to new drops, purchase some P&P here .

FASHION X ART JUNQUI: Tiffany Tattooz Limited Edition Etched Sunglass Collection

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It seems like sky’s the limit when it comes to the career of Tiffany Perez, aka “TIFFANY TATTOOZ.” In only four short years of picking up a tattoo machine, she has become a seasoned tattoo artist, graced the pages of Urban Ink Magazine, created a solid celebrity clientele, made television appearances in both commercials and competitions and is now ready to introduce her very own Limited Edition Etched Sunglass Collection in August of 2012.
Her ongoing success soon captured the attention of Co-Owner and President of  “Vaunt LLC,” Damon Wong. “Vaunt LLC” is a company that specializes in polymide graphing. Polymide graphing is a technique that utilizes a high speed needle which enables it to etch on hard surfaces. Computer programming controls the image being produced. This technique can be considered very similar to the way a tattoo machine is used on a person’s skin.
After a formal introduction, they began collaborating and the rest is history. Shortly after, some of Tiffany’s most prominent and attractive designs slowly began coming to life as they were etched on the lenses of her sunglass line.
With an already successful career as a professional tattoo artist and one of a kind technology in her corner, makes this Jersey girl a force to be reckoned with.

FASHION JUNQUI: Rocksmith Tokyo x Wu-Tang Brand’s Summer ’12 Collection

The Wu-Tang Brand Limited collection, entitled Chapter 6, embodies the classic American summer. Red, white & blue is consistent throughout the line starting with what may be the most sought after item of the summer, the Wunited tank top.

Sailing and the Olympics serve as inspiration in the cut n sew and accessories like the sailing belt and tie to an array of sport’s driven snapbacks. New categories include accessories like the Wu-Tang Key pouch and card holder wallet. As always there is graphic reference to ring in the nostalgia of a brand thats forever. The Wu-Tang Brand limited summer collection is now available at select retailers.

You can check out the entire collection by reading more chump… (more…)

FASHION JUNQUI: Staci Sherri presents “REMIX” Summer 2012 Collection

Staci Sherri presents “REMIX” Summer 2012 Collection. As, this is their 4th collection they are bringing it back upgraded for another round of applause.
Staci Sherri conducted a social media survey solely for her StarZ (customer) to find out their favorite dresses from previous seasons. Back by popular demand are styles such as the “Bay” dress, “Love is Key” Dress and the “Fly Betty” Dress reloaded with classic florals, polka-dots, and fringes. This girl is edgier as she seduces you with extra rhythm to her beat.

“Isn’t the REMIX always better than the original” ~Staci Sherri

Since 2010 with a keen eye and a sharp sense of style, Staci Sherri has taken the ultimate flight with her brand. Based on both literal and abstract meanings of “LOVE” her goal in outfitting women in her brand is to enhance outer beauty, while fostering inner beauty. Staci believes that every woman should love cherish and celebrate exactly who she is and how she impacts the earth.

FASHION JUNQUI: Marcelo Burlon 2012 Fall/Winter T-Shirt Collection

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If you’ve never heard of Marcelo Burlon, you may not be the only one. But just like me, he is a jack-of-all trades. Currently, Marcelo is certainly lighting up Italian fashion circles. His work ranges from styling to photography, clubbing to art direction. Chances are, if there’s a high-energy fashion show happening, look up and you may see Marcelo in the DJ booth!

FASHION JUNQUI: Bride of Christ “CROSSES X BOSSES” Summer 12′ Collection


“Crosses & Bosses” Summer 2012 Collection

Bride of Christ just released their first “Crosses & Bosses” summer 12’ collection. Crosses & Bosses brings new tanks & tees with a swag that boast unapologetic, in-your-face graphics. The collection highlights Bride of Christ’s highly original illustrative style. Coming in a series of summer colors, the t-shirts will be available online at boclifestyle.com, for Pre-Orders, June 15th. From simple small chest prints to bolder prints all over the front and back of the tees, the range includes something for everybody.


FASHION JUNQUI: Ruthie Davis Sneakers Pre-Autumn 2012

RuthieDavisPreAutumn2012l (6a)

Shoe and accessory designer Ruthie Davis adds new colors and silhouette tweaks for her pre-Autumn 2012 sneaker offerings.  Best known for her spikey, sky-high heels, she shows a high level of acumen as a sneaker designer despite her newness to the category in part because her come-up credentials include time spent at one of the big athletic shoe brands.

See the silhouette in more colors on the next page, plus hightops.