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DJ 4 A Cure: Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Mission’


Hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco validates his title as the socially conscious rapper with his new single ‘Mission’ that just came out last month.‘Mission’ is his first single off of his upcoming album Tetsuo & Youth, the song highlights the battle many people have had with cancer.The song begins with short, powerful testimonials from those affected by cancer, as the song progresses we hear Lupe’s powerful hook…

                  “If I has a dollar for every time they counted me out

                  And my back was up against the wall

                  I could have died but I came out fighting.”

He surely aims to uplift and empower his listeners, especially those who have dealt with any form of cancer. As the song flows his awe-inspiring words make you want to go out and kick cancer’s ass. Just like DJ for a Cure Lupe Fiasco uses his art as a tool to reach the masses to advocate for cancer research and to simply spread hope. Lupe Fiasco has partnered with the nonprofit organization Stand Up to Cancer and continues to prove himself as an advocate junqui. Check out the song!


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